WAGS Launches New Large Twin Bowl Grout Machines

WAGS has just built two new grout machines for John Holland in Australia.

The first machine was built for the Cape Lambert Jetty upgrade in the North West.

The twin bowl electric unit contained two 1200 ltr mixing tanks capable of accepting bulker bags. One tank contained a colloidal mixer and the other was a hold tank to feed the pump.

WAGS new large twin bowl grout machine

The chosen pump was a 4d 2908 pump delivering 200 lpm and 24 bar of pressure. The WAGS Grout Machine was electrically operated via a central control box. Both the colloidal mixer and grout pump contained fully programmable variable speed drives to allow for different flows and mixing speeds.

This twin bowl unit contained air operated paddle mixers in both bowls. The same pump was utilised, however it was pneumatically driven.

Both units contained full decking, hand railing and were fully primed and painted.