Grouting Contracting

Take advantage of our complete grouting service, from advisory to contracting, available throughout all of Western Australia.

Grouting contracting by WAGS can be carried out using cementitious products in many applications.
WAGS have a variety of machinery for all applications in the mining and civil industries, big and small and we specialise in:

  • Pipe Fill Grouting (ATCO Gas and Water Corp)
  • Structural Grouting
  • High Flow Grouting
  • Pile Grouting
  • Cementitious Grouting
  • Rock and Slab Reinforcement Grouting.

Specialised units can be manufactured if required.

Contact our dedicated team to discuss your project requirements.

For more information contact WA Grouting Systems.

Labourer in high vis safety gear operating grout pump onsite as a part of a contracted project
Labourer in high vis operating yellow poly mixing bowl grout pump
Arial view of the WA Grouting Systems grout pump hire and contracting service on-site in the Great Southern Region