Geo-Grouter + Plus (Pneumatic)

Use: The WA Grouting Systems Geo-Grouter + PLUS series are heavy duty, high volume grouting units for applications such as dams, tunnels, post-tensioning, underground mining and many heavy construction jobs.

The WAGS Geo-Grouter + PLUS series adds to the versatility of the existing Geo-Grouter unit by including a worm drive pump.


  • Produces 0 – 35 LPM at forceful pressures up to 1200 PSI (optional)
  • 38 series worm drive pump (70lpm, 12 bar)
  • Massive TWIN 250 LTR high-speed vortex paddle mixers
  • Twin bowl continuous mixing (no stopping or waiting)
  • Internal mixer baffles for a superior mix
  • Variable speed mixers
  • Pneumatic oiler and pressure regulator
Unit Specifications:

  • Mixer Capacity – Twin 250 Ltr
  • Mixer Delivery – 35 LPM / 1200PSI MAX (Piston Pump Optional)
  • Compressed Air CFM REQ – 120CFM

Geo-Grouter + Plus Spec Sheet

Heavy duty, high volume grouting units.


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Geo-Grouter + Plus