Steel Mixing Bowls

WAGS Mixers

‘Built for the Miner’

WA Grouting Systems prides itself on building strong, durable, hard working steel grout mixers.

The WAGS mixing bowls are manufactured out of reinforced 3mm thick steel, fully welded and guaranteed to take the day to day punishment mining equipment is subjected to.

Yellow Steel Mixing Bowl with cover over the top of the pumps section
Key features include:

  • Lids fitted to reduce the possibility of accidental injury to hands and to prevent cement splashing into the eyes and face
  • Lids also eliminate rocks falling into the mix and provide the operator with a rest for cement bags
  • Lifting eyes
  • Water connection
  • WAGS high shear mixing process
  • High torque cyclo gear box and air motor
  • 2 inch drain for cleaning
  • Available in pneumatic and hydraulic
WAGS mixers can be made in any size or configuration and both wheels and full recirculation can be fitted.