WAGS launches new Grout Pump

WAGS has recently upgraded the design and construction of their continuous grout pump.

The new WAGS CM60 Grout Pump allows the operator to continuously mix and grout due to the unique design of the grout pump.

Firstly, the upper 300 ltr mixing tank mixes the cement and water. This mixture is then feed into the 300 ltr holding hopper via a large 125mm butterfly valve. Once in the holding hopper the operator can initiate the grout pump and grout whilst they begin mixing once again.

WAGS have upgraded the helical rotor pump which boasts 24 bar of pressure and flow rated up to 200 lpm.

The WAGS CM60 Grout Pump is available in Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric.

The grout pump is housed on a heavy duty skid and has been designed to fit in IT baskets or trailer mounted. The Hydraulic version incorporates a sturdy central control unit containing the operating levers and an emergency stop.

Flow control valves to allow for variable speed are located on both the pump and mixer motor.

The new WAGS CM60 Series are heavy duty and designed for the Australian mining, civil and exploration industries.