WAGS launches new CT-10 Cable Tensioners

Wags not only sells grout pumps, they have recently added to their range of mining products CT-10 Cable tensioners and powerpacks. The 10 Tonne cable tensioner is ideal for Initialing in the pre-stressing industry and Roof Bolting in the Mining Industry.


Jacks will accept both 12.7 and 15.2mm strand by a simple Jack Jaw change. Pressure gauges for accurate tensioning, 3 meters of high pressure hosing and a foot pedal function are also supplied with each complete unit. Wagss also supplies you with a free set of jaws with each new unit.

The power pack also comes with an aluminum carry case to protect the unit and allow for easy transportation. The jacks also come with a long tail pipe which is great for overhead bolting in the mining sector. The Wagss CT-10 Cable tensioners are also extremely light weighing just 8 kg. The Wagss CT-10 Cable tensioners operate from 40-100 psi and also contain an internal relief valve to protect the power pack from damage. An operating manual is also supplied with each unit.